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CGA Conference & Expo is LIVE! 

October 12th - 14th, 2021

NTDPC is a proud educational partner of CGA Conference & Expo 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Stop by and see the splice demo and learn more about the NTDPC at boot 110. 

Mission Statement
NTSCF will continue seeking ways to further share useful information on common One-Call Center concerns and to seek joint solutions by interfacing with groups such as OCSI.

2017 Initiatives
1.)  Analyze Dig Ticket Price Structure for each One Call Center and identify board members/ or identify One Call Centers that need stronger telecom voice.

2.)  Analyze Web Ticket Quality; review quality and identify Field that need to be available in a drop down.

Sub-Committee Chair

Tammy Wilfong (Verizon Business)
Tammy Wilfong

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